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Industrial IOT Solutions by Fincio™

Our fully web-based CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System Software) enables your building, hotel, apartment, industrial healthcare and scientific maintenance staff, supervisors and managers to perform their jobs more easily and in a transparent way. Your maintenance managers will have all the data on their fingertips and they can quickly assign repair and preventive work orders to specific staff members and keep track of completed work and tasks using our fully web based work order software / maintenance scheduling software. With full mobile access, field crew can access the building and equipment preventive maintenance software program from their smartphones and tablets to manage the work orders and perform other tasks. With parts and tools inventory tracking and management, our maintenance and work order software works equally well as a machine maintenance software (or an equipment maintenance software).

Periodic maintenance jobs can be scheduled so these will appear in relevant staff members' user accounts. Email alerts are also issued to workers and managers for jobs with approaching deadlines and any work orders that are past due. Full mobile access is provided to ensure that every user is able to access the Fincio maintenance management software using their Android, iPhone, Windows phone, iPad, Windows tablet or any other mobile or desktop device with a browser and web access. We have satisfied users in different parts of the world, including United States, Canada, United Kingdom / Rest of Europe, Australia / Asia pacific region and Middle East.

This way, your staff can ensure timely completion of all maintenance tasks without the risk of skipping anything. Usually maintenance staffs are not tech savvy. That's why we have made Fincio™ property and hotel maintenance management software very simple and easy to use, so only a basic computer knowledge is required to operate the software. It can also be used for construction equipment and road maintenance management. You can order new predictive or preventative maintenance software features and functions according to your organization's needs and we will reprogram our software at a reasonable cost. Our base price is just $12/month for each user. Our maintenance management information system is comparable to the top products in our niche.

 Actual software screenshot: Fincio CMMS software assets screen

CMMS Software Features for Assets, Equipment and Building Maintenance Management:

  • Real-time Asset Management
  • Most Intuitive and Very Easy to Operate CMMS Software
  • Highly Secure and Reliable Online Data Storage and Backups
  • Full Mobile Access from all Mobile-Phone/Tab Browsers
  • Create and Assign Work Orders
  • Work Order / Job Costing
  • Low cost CMMS GUI Translation to Any Language ($995/Language One Time Fee Applies)
  • Recurring Work Orders
  • Automatic Work Order Scheduling
  • Employee Work Hours and Hourly Wage Rate Tracking
  • Upload before/after Asset Pictures, Documents and Files to Work Orders
  • Issue Work Requests (Unassigned) and the Convert those to Work Orders (Assigned)
  • Users can Record Work Hours/Minutes Spent on Work Orders and Total Wage is Calculated
  • Automatic Work Order Scheduling with Calendar
  • Unlimited Guest Requests
    • Multiple Locations & Sub-locations Compatible
    • Contain a Location into another Location e.g. Building/Floor 5/Room 3/Bathroom
    • Multi-location Supporting CMMS is Equally Suitable as Grounds, Parks and Golf Course Maintenance Software
    • Parts, Chemicals and Tools Inventory Management
    • Quick and Affordable CMMS Software Implementation Within a few Hours
    • Highly Scalable and Robust [Suitable for very Large to Small Organizations]
    • - Unlimited CMMS Users
      - Unlimited Assets and Sub-assets.
      - Unlimited Locations (Same City, Country and Worldwide)
      - Unlimited Parts
      - Unlimited Work Orders
      - Unlimited number of users can log-in at a time
      - User-friendly Equipment, Facility and Building Maintenance Management System GUI
    • Maintenance software customization EXACTLY according to your organization's needs

Ensure transparency and accuracy in equipment, facility and building maintenance management

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Fincio CMMS provides useful reports regarding each one of your assets, as you would expect from a reasonable maintenance service software. If any additional reporting is required then our team can program that into the software in order to better align the system with any organization's specific needs. You can view which maintenance tasks are pending and which have been performed historically on a particular asset and by whom. All the data is securely stored and backed up in our cutting edge cloud storage so you need not worry about data loss. Fincio CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is designed for many types of maintenance works management, building, industrial plant, machinery & equipment maintenance, IT hardware infrastructure maintenance, computer maintenance and several other types of asset management and maintenance jobs. Fincio CMMS is highly scalable and fully online maintenance software for small to large businesses and other types organizations that have any physical assets. Due to it's versatile features, Fincio web based CMMS is one of the top building maintenance systems and can be effectively used as a facility and hotel maintenance management software for large and small facilities and hotels.

Fincio CMMS saves you time and money

An overlooked maintenance job on machinery can cost a fortune and aggregate of such costs can negatively affect your company's bottom line. Preventive maintenance is the method of choice for successful businesses around the world. Fincio equipment and building maintenance management software allows you to schedule preventive equipment and building maintenance jobs and keep a vigilant oversight on works completion. At the start of the day (and at any time), the maintenance managers and staff can view the pending jobs for that days and take action accordingly.

Maintenance managers and supervisors can assign jobs to their subordinates and oversee them to ensure a timely completion of all tasks. This results in huge cost savings for your company and saves employee hours significantly. That is one of the reasons why modern enterprises are shifting to computerized maintenance management systems from old paper based systems.

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Some more details about our CMMS software systems:

(1) What functions does our cloud CMMS website perform? It's is a web portal which serves two main purposes: (i) To provide as much information as possible about our software so that any prospective (and existing) customers can learn more about this application. (ii) For all SAAS based software products, the actual software is run on a portion of the website (it's actually an adjoining web portal seamlessly integrated with our main site). (2) What type of software do we (and other CMMS vendors) provide? Different cloud CMMS vendors offer different types of solutions. For example, we as a CMMS vendor provide a unified and integrated maintenance software solution which can be utilized by several types of end-users which may include individuals, organizations, non-profits and many other types of large, medium and small entities. Size of your organization does not really matter when it comes to using our products and services as our applications are very cost effect for the small businesses and highly scalable and robust to cater for our much larger enterprise customers and government departments. Our cloud based product can be easily used as facility and heavy equipment maintenance software system or simply as a CMMS work order system. However, as a facility maintenance software, our application works as an integrated stand alone platform to manage all types of maintenance management activities at different locations and sub-locations of the premises. You can store detailed data of different buildings and sub-potions within these. You can manage facilities located at different geographical locations worldwide. For example, you can manage 500 factories and facilities located in different parts of the world. The best thing is that you can do it from the comfort of your office workstation or even from a mobile phone.

Building Maintenance: How are building maintenance programs (i.e. software) different from a property management work order system and why different CMMS software companies have a separate maintenance work order software interface?

The answer is simple: First two are essentially the same. The difference in interfaces of the later category is primarily because myriad companies try to make their products as user-friendly as possible and the try to make innovative changes to their interfaces in order to acquire and retain customers. Choice of the interface usually depends on the development, usability and quality assurance teams within a company. It's worth mentioning here that many types of CMMS solutions are known by different names and descriptions, but underlying principals and usage is quite similar.

Building Maintenance System Software Demo, Paid Subscription and Usage Costs:

We charge just $12/user/month for our reliable and easy to use building maintenance programs (actually there is just one program, but we do offer customization, so your building maintenance apps and interfaces can be different from those of our other customers). Not all of our competitors (CMMS companies) offer such services because of their limited resources. We go out of our way to offer cost-effective custom features and functions so that you receive optimum ROI by using our services. This includes our low cost, but high quality customization service for our software preventive maintenance product which can be used to manage large scale skyscrapers, apartment complexes, hotel properties (including multinational chains), office buildings, commercial complexes, plazas, schools (as it can be used as a school maintenance software), hospitals (to be used as a hospital maintenance scheduling software), shopping malls and large mansions. Fincio building maintenance app is user-friendly and you do not have to download it as it is cloud based and can be accessed from any browser. Similarly, our hotel maintenance software is a fully cloud based solution for hotels. This web based CMMS software is equally suitable for single-property hotels and large hotel chains with worldwide presence. It fully supports multiple hotels located at many different locations worldwide.

CMMS Software (for Preventive Maintenance):

Our preventive maintenance system is fully web based and you do not need to install anything on your hardware. Just log in from any desktop, laptop, mobile phone or a tablet computer (Android, Windows and IOS/Apple are all supported) and manage all your assets through preventive maintenance system software.

After logging in, you will be able to view different reports and charts regarding various maintenance management operations within your organization. Fincio also offer's a sort-after feature of sub-assets management. Hence you can add any two assets and declare one asset as the subset (or sub-asset) of the other. Example: A vehicle is an asset and it's 'Engine' is the sub-asset. This way you can manage large scale equipment and machinery which comprises of different components. Please note that this feature is different from 'parts' functionality within the CMMS software system. That feature pertains to smaller consumable parts which may not be classified as assets. Examples include, air filters, engine oil and oil filters.

Planned Maintenance System:

Fincio's fully cloud based planned maintenance system is both reliable and easy to use and it can be used to manage you factory, building/equipment, facility, ship/vessel or any tangible or non-tangible asset.

Building Maintenance Software:

Our CMMS can be used as a befitting building maintenance software solution as you can add and maintain building assets and locations, such as, Floor 3, HVAC, Main Plumbing Line etc. A building may contain fixed assets and equipment which can require periodic upkeep in order to stay in good working condition. Some organizations will also consider regular building cleaning tasks as maintenance management jobs, because proper washing and wiping of a building is an integral part of any standard upkeep operation.

Parks and Grounds Maintenance:

Fincio CMMS can be used as parks maintenance software for public and private grounds, golf courses and parks. It's best to divide a given park into several sub-locations and then add assets, tools and parts, if any, for proper record keeping.

Asset Management:

No CMMS software can be complete without an extensive and feature-rich asset management module. Hence, this is our utmost priority to provide top quality, yet usable asset management functionality within our cloud based CMMS software. We achieve this by offering an extremely user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for assets screen. Here you can add new assets and assign work orders and work requests. An important point to note here is that a work request is simply a work order that has been launched, but has not been assigned to any user yet. Once you assign a work request to a particular user, such work request automatically turns into an actual work order.

Facility Maintenance Software:

Our application / program can be used as a facility maintenance management software as facility maintenance is quite similar to building maintenance management. Both are actually sub-types of property maintenance software. All three serve the same purpose of maintaining the premises and the equipment and items within.

How our customers find us?

Our prospective clients use different phrases to look for the products and services that we offer, such as: EAM software, CMMS software system, property maintenance software, repair management system and online CMMS.

What is a planned maintenance system?

In terms of management of maintenance activities of an organization, a planned maintenance system (also known as maintenance scheduling software) can be described as a software solution that enables the pertinent staff members to plan and carry out preventative maintenance jobs in a timely manner and with full accountability. Bottom-line is to increase the reliability and up-time of all assets. This also refers to Ships, vessels and related assets in a shipping industry where planned maintenance system is implemented to maintain and upkeep shipping industry assets.

The Process and Time frame for CMMS System Implementation:

Since Fincio CMMS is a fully web based software system which can be accessed from any desktop, laptop or a mobile device with a browser, the implementation process is quite straightforward and the time-frame for deployment is the shortest as compared to desktop based CMMS systems. All you have to do is to add your maintenance staff members as users and they can start registering assets, locations and work orders.

In most of the cases, the implementation can take just a few minutes to complete as you only have to add users, locations and assets to the CMMS and then you and your employees can start using the software straight away. The data is conveniently stored at cloud servers which are fully backed up. If your computer breaks down, then you can simply use another computer or a mobile device to log into your CMMS account and start using the software normally, without any loss of saved data.

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