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for effective maintenance management of public and private parks and grounds

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Fincio parks maintenance software is simple yet powerful web based software solution for effective maintenance management of private and public parks and grounds. Our Software is specially designed to cater for the maintenance management needs of a single park location or several parks located at different geographical locations.

Why use our CMMS Software for Parks Maintenance?

Proper and timely maintenance management of public parks is essential to keep them in good condition for the public to use. Some skipped maintenance jobs can result in substantial disruption of the availability of a park for public use. A faulty fountain can result in unexpected flooding of the jogging track which will potentially disrupt thousands of visitors from using it. In a similar manner, a live wire hanging out of an electric light can be extremely hazardous for the public. Hence, timely maintenance planning and scheduling is of essence to keep such an important public place in a safe and desirable condition. Above all you have to keep all the park's flora and fauna in a good position through extensive, but well-managed and organized upkeep processes.

An Overview of Parks maintenance software features

Our parks maintenance software has all the features that you will need to keep full track of the past, present and scheduled maintenance works for a given park under your management. From ground irrigation to lighting fixation and animal enclosures maintenance, all jobs and tasks can be easily recorded and tracked within our software database. You and your staff members can easily create work requests and then assign those to relevant staff members. If the work request is about electrical system then it can be assigned to relevant electrician. Similarly, a broken ground irrigation pipe work order can be assigned to the plumber.

You can have as many software users and sub-locations within a given park, as you want, for easy management of maintenance operations. You can also manage multiple parks under one CMMS account with virtually unlimited potential of controlling large clusters of parks, grounds and even golf courses at nationwide locations and around the world.

Fincio maintenance software is fully capable of handling multiple sub-locations and assets within a park or ground. We understand that a public park may contain literally hundreds and even thousands of sub locations and assets. On top of all this, the maintenance management staff members have to keep track of parts and tools inventory. Some assets and tools are portable in nature (such as lawn mowers) and their movement records and current location needs to be thoroughly tracked for usage and audit purposes. Therefore, Fincio public parks maintenance software has all these features to cater for myriad requirements of parks maintenance managers and their subordinate staff.

Is this web based software too expensive?

No. Our parks maintenance software is a low cost but highly reliable solution. With a simple and affordable price of just $87/month (unlimited users, assets, work orders and usage), you can enjoy a full-fledged cloud based application without the hassle of on-site software installation, maintenance and data storage.

All the software data is stored at our end on highly secure cloud servers and you can rest assured about the data availability as it is backed up at multiple geographical locations worldwide. Just signup for our free trial and witness the benefits of using our park maintenance software system.