Fincio Internet of Things

Automate your maintenance management with sensors

Fincio provides hardware that empowers your organization to automate real-time industrial processes surveillance, alerts and work order generation using various sensors in connection with Raspberry Pi chip-sets. Now you can add sensors to your equipment to monitor changes. We provide equipment at cost effective price and free in many cases.

How it works?

A wide range of sensors can connect to our maintenance management system to generate work orders according to your business rules.

  1. Reach out to us and describe your business needs. Our technical people can provide free quotes of business solutions that work with your business.
  2. We design a solution and ship hardware devices to your address (anywhere in United States).
  3. You can attach the devices to your equipment and have it up and running with cloud Maintenance Management System.
  4. The system will generate maintenance work orders according to business rules.
  5. You can monitor your equipment`s readings from anywhere.
  6. We can custom design and implement Industrial Internet of things solutions using our state-of-the-art RTU, SCADA and the network of industrial sensors and devices.

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