Easy and Effective Supply Chain Management Software

Reduce Inventory. Cut Costs. Increase Productivity.

Supply chain is a critical lifeline for every manufacturing and distribution business. Our software transforms the way enterprise supply chain is managed. Substantial efficiency improvements are achieved by reducing your inventory to optimum levels. This synergy between our software and your business process results in significant cost savings for your organization.

Our software makes your whole supply chain visible and transparent in real time. Your executives and employees can access the software through their smartphones, tablets or PCs (both Windows and Mac). Our industry standard Business Intelligence (BI) reports gives you a deeper and insightful view of the whole supply chain.

We make sure that deployment of our software system actually results in measurable benefits for your organization. Along the implementation curve, we provide full scale software customization according to your meticulous business needs. We also work with you to identify possibilities for the improvement of your business process.

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Ensure transparency and agility in supply chain operation

To meet the cost saving goals of your organization, the supply chain operations must be carried out in a transparent and agile manner and without compromising over the reliability and predictability of delivery. Our software will ensure that everything remains transparent down to the SKU level. Fincio Supply Chain Manager enables you to track each item and batch from the factory floor to truck transportation to seaport and to the final destination. With our software you are able view the status of any item or batch throughout the supply process.

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Superior Business intelligence tools:

Efficient management of supply chain means a lot for an organization. Preparing for the unpredictable supply disruptions and making contingency plans results in prevention and recovery of lost revenues and provides huge cost savings. Proper supply chain management is a building-block of an organization's success in this harshly competitive environment where small process optimizations can result in significant gains. This cannot be achieved without accurate and timely information at manager's finger tips.

That's why our business intelligence tools keeps you informed and aligned with the 'big picture' view of your whole supply chain process. You can easily identify any faults and inaccuracies and leverage the opportunities by easily isolating any problem areas. Our software is designed with a goal to reduce your supply chain costs tremendously.