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Why Use Maintenance Work Order Management Software for Efficient Maintenance Management of Building and Machinery?

A company's assets play a central role in most businesses. Many organizational operations and their potential to make a profit is directly dependent or impacted by the state and quality of their building, machinery, and equipment. Since the value and capabilities of these assets can depreciate greatly over time, maintenance is and should always be a major factor that business owners must consider. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners do not have a proper maintenance management system in place. Some of them realize the importance of maintenance when it is too late, when their machines have broken down and equipment have to be replaced. Some, however, know the importance of maintenance but fail to do it correctly.

Regardless, both scenarios lead to several problems. These problems, though seemingly minor at first, could easily snowball into major threats to the company's overall performance. But there are some companies that get it right. These are the companies who understand that a little bit of extra investment is a small feat when it comes to protecting their assets. This investment comes in the form of a computerized maintenance work order software that automates the process of issuing out work orders for preventive and periodic repairs and activities.

The following are some reasons why maintenance software should be used for efficient maintenance management of building and machinery:

Save Time and Minimize The Margin of Error

Maintenance work order management software streamlines the whole maintenance management process. This automated system is programmed to perform key tasks independently. It can issue a work order for a specific machinery that is already scheduled for maintenance, automatically scheduling the job and coordinating it with all departments and personnel involved. The system also makes sure that all key resources needed, such as personnel tools, and spare parts are available, by coordinating with HR managers, team leaders, and purchase order management. This whole process is otherwise lengthy and detailed, and is unfortunately very prone to human error. Many steps of this process also entail a lot of guesswork for the organization's decision makers, especially when it comes to costs and budget allocation. But with a computerized system in place, all work orders are supported by data and hard evidence.

Moreover, after the maintenance work is done, a work order software can collect and collate all data pertaining to the said job, and readily generates status reports and work summaries when necessary. Thus, using a maintenance work order software can save a lot of time and minimize the margin of error in maintenance management.

Achieve Better Productivity

In any business, time is a valuable asset, especially since companies spend a lot on the time their employees spend on the job. Thus, making the most of the precious work hours is important to increase the company's overall productivity without additional cost.

When it comes to maintenance works, this can be done with proper scheduling. By scheduling all maintenance activities properly, they can be finished on time and without backlogs or delay. Proper scheduling of work orders can also eliminate overtime work and unwanted costs.

A CMMS also helps regulate and oversee all maintenance works. By collecting all past maintenance activities in a history or log, the system makes sure that all necessary job orders are performed as needed. As all lapses can be easily detected, the system also discourages under-performing personnel.

Ensure Consistency and Continuity

Consistency and continuity - both are key factors in maintenance management. Maintenance is a continuous process. Buildings, machines and equipment need to be checked and maintained regularly, rather than sporadically. This consistency, though often overlooked in many businesses, is actually what sets a good maintenance management system apart from a mediocre one. Without consistency, the main purpose of maintenance - which is to prevent major problems - becomes futile. Only with consistently scheduled periodic maintenance works can costly breakdowns and repairs be effectively prevented.

But in a company with various asset types and several machinery and equipment that require continuous attention, the task of issuing maintenance work orders for all equipment and trickling these down to the personnel involved can be overwhelming for any one person or even department. To add to this, the same person or department also has to track all work orders to make sure they are completed. Once again, an automated work order software can undertake this challenge. The system can determine which machinery and equipment require maintenance work at any given time. All machines and equipment are thus maintained periodically.

Eliminate Unexpected Breakdowns and Work Disruptions

The central and immediate purpose of all maintenance work orders is to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Problems affecting building and machinery have the tendency to affect and disrupt business operations. Such disruptions also sometimes come at the most unfortunate times, such as peak seasons or when major projects are ongoing. This can be a huge blow to any company's overall operations.

But if a maintenance work order software is in place, maintenance activities are scheduled periodically. Periodic maintenance is a much better practice than performing much-needed maintenance when a machinery or equipment has already broken down. Periodic maintenance identifies potential problems even before they actually occur. Unfortunately, some business owners overlook the fact that there is a world of difference between maintenance and repair, especially in terms of time and cost.

In addition, having a work order software can properly schedule maintenance activities during off-peak seasons. By planning all activities ahead of time, machines are maintained in their good working condition at any given time. Thus, in the long run, unexpected breakdowns and work disruptions can be avoided altogether.

Gain More in Profits and Savings

Many business owners consider maintenance work order software as an unnecessary expense. What they do not realize is that efficient maintenance management translates to more profits and bigger savings. An automated maintenance system affects an organization's finances in two ways. First, one of the biggest financial setbacks companies can experience comes in the form of building and machinery repairs and replacements. But with a maintenance software that oversees and ensures preventive maintenance works, businesses can save a lot of money that could have otherwise been lost on unnecessary, preventable repairs.

Second and most importantly, properly working machinery and equipment, as well as fewer work disruptions, make a company more productive. And the more a company produces, the more profit it takes in. These are just some of the main reasons why a maintenance and work order system should be used for a more efficient and effective maintenance management system and, on the whole, for a more profitable business.